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VN5 electric vans

The Future is Electric.

Harnessing proven and unique eCity technology, VN5 can complete the day from start to finish with minimal interruption. When other electric vehicles need to recharge, the VN5 keeps working with no range anxiety.

The van’s service schedule is set at 25,000-mile intervals and every model will come with a five year or 150,000 mile warranty as standard. Its battery pack is also guaranteed for eight years or 150,000 miles.

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If you would like to book a test drive of the VN5 electric van, or simply want to find out more then contact us on 0208 692 1123.

3 Drive Modes

Pure EV mode

Pure EV mode provides zero emissions electric-only power.

Save Mode

Save mode activates the range-extender to preserve electric energy for later use.

Smart Mode

Smart mode actively switches between battery power and the range-extender for a more convenient journey.

A Great Place To Work


Drivers who spend hours behind the wheel need to be comfortable –  and they can rely on VN5 for that.

The driver’s seat is ergonomically designed and fully adjustable, while the steering wheel can also be adjusted for reach and rake, making for a stress- and fatigue-free driving position. Most of all, the electric drivetrain makes VN5  supremely quiet, especially in pure EV mode, with none of the engine noise associated with diesel vans.

Load Easily, Work Safely

Practical Working Environment

The VN5 is built to provide a practical working environment. Its cargo area is not only spacious but also well-shaped, accessible, and easily convertible to meet specific requirements.

Transfer your business to the VN5 and realise the benefits quickly and easily. 

Lasts Longer, Gives You More

Redefining Expectations

VN5 redefines expectations of how long a van can be in active commercial service. Benefiting from a first-in-sector body construction, it is designed to last twice  as long as other vans. As a result, VN5 delivers benefits at every stage of its life.

The design is expected  to give you more years of service and stay reliable, no matter how many miles  you put on it.

Design Features


Stability On The Road

VN5 is designed for stability on the road. This is delivered via a range of features, including Autonomous Emergency Braking, Anti-lock Braking System, Emergency Brake Assist and Electronic Stability Control.

Should an accident occur, the post-collision braking system will intervene to prevent any further collisions on rebound, while passive safety features include double pretensioners, energy absorbing seats, headrests, driver and passenger airbags  for frontal protection, and inflatable curtains and thorax airbags for side protection. These safety systems keep the occupants shielded in the event of impact.


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