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3 Drive Modes

Pure EV Mode

Pure EV mode provides zero emissions electric-only power.

Save Mode

Save mode activates the range-extender to preserve electric energy for later use.

Smart Mode

Smart mode actively switches between battery power and the range-extender for a more convenient journey.

A Comfortable Workplace

Comfort For You

The TX electric taxi has been designed to complement the way a driver works, including the environment & the tasks a purpose-built taxi must tackle each day. 

From the  front overhead compartment, the ergonomic adjustable seat, the TX delivers more space, comfort & storage - providing the optimal driver comfort.

A Safe Space For Passengers

More Space

The TX electric taxi includes an extra sixth seat, as well as ample room for luggage.

It also includes a spacious rear compartment separated by a purpose-built protection screen, keeping drivers and passengers socially distanced, including a contactless payment capabilities, a two-way intercom all to help create a safe and comfortable environment for passengers and the driver.

Reduced Running Costs

Drive Economically

When driving on pure electric energy, it's possible for drivers to achieve a typical fuel saving of  approximately £110 per week on the current LEVC model, compared with the running costs of TX from your current taxi.

The charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in our towns and cities is improving all the time. So, topping up the battery should be easy. But you’ll find it affordable too. Even if you visit one of the increasing numbers of fast charging points, you’ll still only see an average cost of about 21p per kWh. 

Quicker & Easier To Repair


Minimum Downtime Off The Road

The TX electric taxi is designed to resist damage, and be quickly and easily repaired in order to minimise down time off the road.

Reference points are located in all of the key body structures. In the event of an impact, a portable measurement system is used to quickly verify whether damage is purely cosmetic and that the underlying structure has not been compromised.

The panel repair can then be confidently carried out by us here at Ascotts without the vehicle being moved to a specialist bodyshop for appraisal. If damage does occur, the most vulnerable panels such as the bumpers and rear quarter panels are attached by bolts, meaning they can be quickly and easily replaced - just like previous models.

Why choose an electric cab?

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    Achieve a typical fuel saving of approximately £110 per week

    The TX electric taxi is extremely fuel efficient, significantly reducing running costs for drivers. Saving around £110 a week on fuel can lead to a saving of over £24k in 5 years!

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    Luxury Drivers Seat (inc heated)

    Drivers can sit even more comfortably than before thanks to the luxury driver's seat in the TX electric taxi. The heated seats make those colder journeys much more tolerable.

  • WiFi Icon.png

    WiFi Enabled

    Drivers and passengers can enjoy the built in WIFI with TX electric taxi! This is a great feature for passengers to connect their phones up to pass the time, as well as drivers waiting in taxi ranks.

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  • Thermometer icon.png

    Climate Control (front and back)

    The TX electric taxi allows the driver and passengers to adjust their own temperature with easy to use buttons to make each journey as comfortable as possible!

  • Sun Icon.png

    Panoramic Roof

    The ultra modern panoramic roof of the TX electric taxis provides great views for passengers, allowing sightseeing of large skyscrapers and other iconic buildings in London.

  • Taxi seat icon.png

    6th Passenger Seat

    The 6th extra seat available in TX electric taxi is great to carry out more passenger journeys. Not only that, each passenger also has ample room for luggage.


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