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When established in 1980, Ascotts Group was servicing client’s taxis under railway arches. Today, we have become the largest LEVC provider and approved taxi repair service in the whole of the South East. We have over 60 experienced, fully qualified members of staff and over 23 service and warranty ramps across both of our established sites.

Our original Deptford centre is where we sell, service and repair London’s classic LTI/LTC taxis. In Dartford, you’ll find the ultra-modern LEVC electric vehicles, our fully qualified electric vehicle mechanics, state of the art body shop and repair centre, just ten minutes away from the Crayford NSL Test Centre.

As well as being a fully independent taxi dealer, we provide tests, servicing, repairs, resprays and warranties. We pride ourselves on being trusted by the best of London’s drivers, servicing and providing MOTs on over 350 taxis a month, keeping London’s iconic black cabs on the road. Quotax insurance is offered on all our sites, we work closely with them to offer you the best possible insurance options. So if you need to renew your taxi insurance, then visit them here.

As well as selling over 120 diesel taxis a year, we also sell over 400 TX Electric taxis. These electric vehicles are the future. Making the change to an electric taxi not only reduces pollution, but it can also save drivers approximately £110 per week on fuel costs. The TX electric is built to last, having a whole host of fantastic features to make your trips as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Due to the positive environmental impact on electric vehicles, we are now offering the VN5 Electric van, an amazing, multipurpose, high specification vehicle with variants for different industries.

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If you would like to visit us, then you can find your nearest Ascotts branch by clicking here. Please feel free to call us on 0208 692 1122 to find out more about our locations.


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Dartford Branch

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